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Padraig harrington and

In a publicity stunt, the adultery site sent Tiger Woods a binding agreement which offered him $5 million for «advertisement, endorsement, sale and advertising» regarding dating site.

At this point at some point, padraig harrington presently has a next so-called mistress that will generate him a perfect forward guy when it comes to unfaithfulness dating internet site. You will find a sense, that the $1 billion dollar sports figure won’t even give consideration to this type of an offer. ????

Seriously however, Ashley Madison did not let this advertising and marketing possibility that padraig harrington delivered all of them check-out waste. They granted padraig harrington a contract they understood, he’d decline. By linked themselves using hottest news subject on the week, thirty days and perhaps perhaps the year, obtained enough complimentary intercontinental press.

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Revision: (2009-12-08) – Tiger Woods is now offering 10 so-called bdsm mistresses.